BSLT Deposit and Withdrawal Policy

1. Definition of Terms
  • 1) “Deposit” refers to the act of transferring BSLT purchased from an external exchange and held in a personal service token wallet to an ArcheWorld account.
  • 2) “Withdrawal” refers to the act of transferring BSLT held in an ArcheWorld account to personal service token wallet
2. BSLT Decimal Places
  • 1) BSLT is supported up to 4 decimal places. Decimal places after that will be left out.
        Ex) 12.3456789 -> 12.3456
3. BSLT Deposit Fee
  • 1) 1% of the total deposit amount will be charged as a platform fee when depositing BSLT to the account.
  • 2) The Liquidity, not the depositor, is responsible for covering the platform fee.
  • 3) There are no additional deposit fees except for the blockchain gas fee for depositor.
  • 4) There is no separate limit on the maximum daily deposit amount per account.
  • 5) The deposit fee is subject to change after prior notice.
4. BSLT Withdrawal Fee
  • 1) The minimum/maximum daily withdrawal amount per account is subject to change depending on the Operational Policy of the Company. The minimum/maximum daily withdrawal amount per account will be notified separately by the Company on the website, and the announcement has the same force as a part of this policy.
  • 2) Withdrawal fee is fixed at 10 BSLT per time regardless of the withdrawal amount.
  • 3) Blockchain Gas fee is consumed separately in addition to the withdrawal fee during withdrawal.
  • 4) Withdrawal fee is subject to change after prior notice.
5. Membership Wallet Verification Policy
  • 1) Only one wallet per account can be verified, and once the wallet address has been verified, it cannot be re-verified to another account until 7 days have elapsed after membership withdrawal.
  • 2) Once the wallet is verified in the account, it cannot be replaced due to personal reasons such as loss or hacking of the verified wallet.
6. BSLT withdrawal limit
  • 1) If the account's service use is restricted according to the Operational Policy, the withdrawal of BSLT deposited in the ArcheWorld account may be restricted until the reason for the service restriction is resolved.
  • 2) BSLT does not support functions such as gift or transfer other than deposit/withdrawal to the account.
  • 3) BSLT will be deducted immediately upon BSLT withdrawal requests. All withdrawal requests require a waiting time of at least 24 hours to a maximum of 25 hours from the time requested, and the withdrawal request cannot be cancelled during the waiting time.
  • 4) If a reason for withdrawal rejection (lack of balance, account restriction, maintenance, etc.) occurs during the waiting time, additional waiting time may be required until the reason for withdrawal rejection is resolved, apart from the waiting time specified in 6. 3) of this policy.
7. BSLT Processing upon Membership Withdrawal
  • 1) You cannot request membership withdrawal if you have BSLT that have not been withdrawn from your account.
  • 2) In accordance with Policy 1.4.3), membership withdrawal is not possible if the remaining balance of BSLT is less than the withdrawal fee because the withdrawal fee of 10 BSLT is fixedly deducted every time, regardless of the amount withdrawn.
The BSLT Deposit and Withdrawal Policy is effective from: March 24, 2023.